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Toyota Dominates Consumer Reports’ Top 10 Picks

2012-Consumer-Reports-auto-issuex-inset-communityToyota vehicles have topped five of 10 vehicle categories in the Consumer Reports annual auto issue, which will be on sale March 6, but the list was announced earlier this week. A redesigned, significantly improved Camry Hybrid has helped Toyota capture five of the 10 top spots on this year’s Top Picks list. The other Toyotas that achieved top placement in the respective categories are: the Prius hybrid, the Highlander and RAV4 SUVs, and the Sienna minivan. Not since 2003, has one brand dominated this list topping as many categories as Toyota has on this year’s list. This announcement comes just shortly after Toyota took significant honors in a recent J.D. Power and Associates quality report card. Sounds like Toyota’s on the up and up to me.

Here is a quick list of the category each Toyota vehicle topped.

  • FAMILY SEDAN: Toyota Camry Hybrid
  • SMALL SUV: Toyota RAV4
  • FAMILY HAULER: Toyota Sienna V6
  • GREEN CAR: Toyota Prius
  • FAMILY SUV: Toyota Highlander

Read More:

Consumer Reports | USA Today

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