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Please Help us Hire Our Heroes!

Dear Customer, Fans and Readers,

 Please help us “Hire our Heroes”!

Veterans. Heroes. They have served our Country. They have fought for our Country. They have put their lives on the line. For our Freedom. For you and I.


Toyota of Manhattan wants to Hire Our HeroesVeterans who have selflessly served our Country in the line of Duty protecting our Freedom and our Rights. Veterans who have sacrificed for their Country and the People in it. Veterans who have risked their lives to serve and protect.

Yet, they return from overseas, and are having a hard time finding work here in their very own country they have fought so hard for. They are leaving the military service and moving down the ladder to poverty. The number of low-income veterans receiving government assistance for their heating and cooling bills hit a new high last year, according to a survey by a federal energy-assistance program. Over the last four years, the survey also found, the number of low-income households with at least one military veteran receiving federal energy assistance rose by about 1.1 million households, to 1.78 million.

According to the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America, there are about 178,000 recent veterans currently looking for work. Toyota of Manhattan wants to Hire Our Heroes

We at Toyota of Manhattan find this news disturbing and are looking to help. We want to help our Veterans, our heroes. We will be looking to hire and train Veterans at our dealership in available openings. From technicians to sales, we are looking to hire. Please pass the word along to your friends and family Veterans and have them send their applications to us. Let’s help those who have given everything for us!

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