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Charity Profile: Nourishing NYC

As previously posted HERE, on our Facebook Fan Page, we have 3 wonderful local charities that are being voted on by our customers, staff, fans & friends. Become our fan at Toyota of Manhattan and pick a charity from our list of three. Humane Society of New York, Variety the Children’s Charity of New York or Nourishing NYC. We will donate $2,500 to the one with the most votes by February 28, 2012! Vote for your Favorite Charity

We thought it would be a good idea if you knew a little more about each organization. With this in mind we decided to do a weekly “Charity Profile” for the next 3 weeks so you can understand what each organization specifically does, why the organization feels they should win the contest and what they would do with the money, should the organization win. Our last but not least organization to be profiled is: Nourishing NYC

Organization: Nourishing NYCI am thankful for Turkey food girl

Phone: (646) 524-7627

Address: 419 Lafayette St. 2nd Floor New York, NY 10003

Website: www.nourishingnyc.org

Facebook: facebook.com/nourishingnyc1

Twitter: @NourishingNYC

Nourishing NYC Logo

Company Overview:

Nourishing operates throughout the 5 boroughs, to provide “Nutrition For All.” Nourishing opened in 2008 to address poor nutrition and health while simultaneously addressing the issue of food scarcity and hunger issues afflicting the poverty-stricken East Harlem community of New York City.


Nourishing NYC’s mission is to alleviate the strong correlation between low-income status and poor dietary health. We provide nutritious meals and nutritional education without question and without criticism. Anyone is welcome regardless of age, sex, race, financial qualifications, or religious beliefs. We achieve our mission through a three-pronged approach to feed, educate and advocate for those in need throughout New York City.

Why should Nourishing NYC win Toyota of Manhattan’s “Vote for your Favorite Charity” contest:

Nourishing NYC should win Toyota of Manhattan’s “Vote for your Favorite Charity” contest because we need funding to be able to provide citizen’s with need throughout New York City with a quality free urban produce garden, Junior Chef Program as well as through our advocacy campaign. In addition to maintaining the programs we have that help thousands of New Yorkers each year we are always striving to expand our programs and community-based anti-hunger initiatives.

What would you do with the $2,500 should Nourishing NYC win Toyota of Manhattan’s “Vote for your Favorite Charity” contest:

$2,500 will help us in our Thanksgiving Giveback campaign for the 2012 season. With the winnings from the contest we will be able to purchase hundreds of turkeys to give to in-need and impoverished families throughout NYC. Last year we gave out 1,000 turkeys and fed 10,000 people this year we would like to be able to feed even more people. In addition to the turkeys, we also provide urban nutrition classes from our V.A.N (Vehicle Advocating Nutrition), we bring health and nutrition classes to the street. With the $2,500 we could expand this program into even more neighborhoods and help win the battle between high levels of obesity and diabetes in low-income neighborhoods, by providing Nutrition For All.

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