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Charity Profile: Variety the Children’s Charity of New York

As previously posted HERE, on our Facebook Fan Page, we have 3 wonderful local charities that are being voted on by our customers, staff, fans & friends. Become our fan at Toyota of Manhattan and pick a charity from our list of three. Humane Society of New York, Variety the Children’s Charity of New York or Nourishing NYC. We will donate $2,500 to the one with the most votes by February 28, 2012! Vote for your Favorite Charity

We thought it would be a good idea if you knew a little more about each organization. With this in mind we decided to do a weekly “Charity Profile” for the next 3 weeks so you can understand what each organization specifically does, why the organization feels they should win the contest and what they would do with the money, should the organization win. Our second organization to be profiled is: Variety the Children’s Charity of New York

Photography Develops My Mind

Photography Develops My Mind

Organization: Variety the Children’s Charity of New York

Phone: (212) 760 2777

Address: 505 Eight Ave, 1800, New York, NY 10018

Website: www.varietyny.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/varietyny

Twitter: @VarietyNY

Variety the Childrens Charity of New York

Company Overview:

Variety New York is part of Variety International, an organization that has been dedicated to supporting children across the globe for over 84 years.  The journey began in 1927, with a baby girl called Catherine, who was found abandoned on a seat at the Sheridan Square Theater in Pittsburgh, PA.  A group of 11 gentlemen affiliated with the entertainment industry agreed to provide financial and educational support to Catherine.  The welfare of this one orphan became the inspiration and motivation behind Variety the Children’s Charity! Today there are over 50 chapters in 14 countries all with a dedicated goal of supporting children.

Variety New York provides more than grants to grassroots organizations that are transforming the lives of under-served children through the arts. Variety provides a comprehensive, value-added set of resources that include technical assistance, evaluation, partnerships and collective infrastructure. In the past 5 years, Variety New York has supported over 25 organizations. In 2011/2012 alone, Variety New York is supporting 14 grantees and over 10,000 children and youth in the Tri-State area.


For over 60 years, Variety the Children’s charity of New York has been creating opportunities and providing resources for children in the Tri-State area. Our mission is:

“To support grassroots non-profit organizations in the Tri-State area whose programs use the arts as a catalyst to transforming the lives of under-served children.”

Why should Variety the Children’s Charity of New York win Toyota of Manhattan’s “Vote for your Favorite Charity” contest:

Our goal at Variety New York is to transform the lives of children through the arts.  According to recent studies, the United States confronts a creativity crisis; for the first time in 50 years, American creativity is on the decline leading to a less prepared and successful workforce.  Hiring managers are consistently calling for more innovative and creative workers. The arts have been known to foster these skills and more. Yet, arts programming and funding is on the chopping block locally and nationally.

 At Variety New York, we strongly believe that the arts support creativity and equip children to succeed academically, vocationally, and in life.  Sadly, today, it is estimated that 60% of children DO NOT have access to any form of arts education. That number skyrockets to over 70% when looking at African American and Hispanic populations.

 At the same time, we know the arts are a cornerstone for youth to lead successful and personally fulfilling lives.  Recent research shows when youth are exposed to the arts they:

  • Achieve up to a 20% advantage in reading proficiency.
  • Score an average of 44 points higher in math and 59 points higher in verbal on standard achievement tests.
  • Are three times more likely to be recognized for high attendance
  • Are four times more likely to be recognized for academic achievements
  • More likely to interact with other racial groups and less likely to tolerate racist remarks
  • Experience a more level the playing field for when coming from disadvantaged circumstances
  • More likely to understand other nations and cultures and international issues.

Variety New York is dedicated to supporting children and youth in some of the city’s most vulnerable communities. Youth participating in grantee programs demonstrate the following results:

  • 83% reported an increase in self confidence
  • 92% felt part of a supportive community
  • 93% reported an improved ability to work as a team
  • 96% reported an improvement in their ability to express themselves

What would you do with the $2,500 should Variety the Children’s Charity of New York win Toyota of Manhattan’s “Vote for your Favorite Charity” contest:

The $2,500 would help us directly support our grantees with more grant dollars as well as workshops that can help them be more effective serving some of New York’s most deserving children.

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