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You Pick the Charity, We’ll Donate $2,500

Vote for your favorite charity

Toyota of Manhattan is part of one of the largest family-owned group of automotive dealerships in the United States, who believe firmly in and have never forgotten our roots as a ‘mom and pop’ business. Starting in 1961 with one dealership, the group has now grown over the years to 23 dealerships, Toyota of Manhattan being one of our flagships. With our great success, we would like to give back to the very community that has helped us thrive.

Toyota of Manhattan will be working closely with local charities and foundations. We would love to have your input and participation. We invite you to let us know what causes are important to you, your family, and your friends. Keep in mind, that even if you are not a Toyota of Manhattan customer, we welcome you to contribute. We value your opinions and concerns. If you are committed to, or feel strongly about a certain cause, please contact us. Any funds rose for the foundations and charities by our loyal customers and fans, will be matched in part by Toyota of Manhattan. There will be events and celebrations in the presentation of the contributions that you will be invited to and we would like you to be a part of.

Currently on our Facebook Fan Page, we have 3 wonderful local charities that are being voted on by our customers, staff, fans & friends. Become our fan at Toyota of Manhattan and pick a charity from our list of three. Humane Society of New York, Variety the Children’s Charity of New York or Nourishing NYC. We will donate $2,500 to the one with the most votes by February 28, 2012! Go vote for your favorite cause now!


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