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TOYOTA Fun-Vii Concept Car of Fun

Last night at the 42nd Tokyo Motor Show 2011, the concept car, “TOYOTA Fun-Vii”, which is the embodiment of a 20XX-year future, “connecting” people, vehicles and society, made an appearance. Futuristic dream-like functions were demonstrated in a performance of the car’s concept features at the show.

Toyota Fun-Vii

Forget about custom paint jobs, vinyl graphics, matching interiors. The TOYOTA Fun-Vii will take care of all that with fully customizable exterior and interior that will allow drivers to display everything from custom messages to flashy graphics. And it’s as easy as downloading an application on your smartphone or portable device. Add to that, the incorporation of a “navigation concierge” that provides up-to-the-second driving and multimedia information through a virtual assistant. Naturally, the Fun-Vii interfaces with both your smartphone and other road users, adding both a safety and social element to the driving experience.  These functions centering on information transmission capabilities and included such features as changing the body color from a smart phone; using a multi-information display to connect with other people; or an automatic cruising system connected to the city.

With the motto, “Fun to Drive – Again”, and with its eyes firmly set on a near-future for mobility, Toyota is exhibiting prototypes and proposing vehicles with “Dreams and Enjoyment”.

Video and More Pictures after the “Read More”

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